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If You’re Serious About Buying A Green Home You Need To Know:

  • The New Changes In Green Home Buying, Energy Efficiency, Understanding the Specifications -Everything You Need To Know From A to Z!

    Simple methods to determine how much house you can afford, tips for securing an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), and finding an EEM Approved Mortgage Lender.

  • Why You Would Be Smart To Find And Use A Green REALTOR® and How Your Green REALTOR® Can Help You Avoid Common Green Home Buying Pitfalls!

    Finding & working with a Green REALTOR®, why you should deal with one REALTOR® at a time, myths about green homes, advantages of buying a new or older green home, and 7 pitfalls to avoid.

  • Insider Secrets For Proper Green Home Inspections, Securing Green Financing, Smart Negotiating & Finalizing The Deal Made Simple!

    Choosing a Green Home Inspector, what is inspected and why, who pays if problems are found, understanding Offers, Appraisals and negotiate like a PRO!

Dear Future Green Home Buyer,

You want to own a green home for ONE reason. Owning a green home of your own is part of the AMERICAN DREAM. 

It’s also certainly the largest purchase you’ll make in your life – so you simply can’t afford to be uninformed or make a crucial mistake with your money. Remember you are investing your life savings and many future years of mortgage payments on your home purchase so the decision must be a sound investment and an economical one.

You may find like many other health-conscious home buyers, you have a sincere desire to make your contribution to protecting the environment. When you are considering the purchase of a “green home” you are doing your part to help save the environment simply living in a home which uses green and “earth-friendly” materials.

Green living is important to you, and while it is exciting to go looking at green homes and dreaming of living in one, you are probably dreading the hassles and problems with finding just the perfect home you can fall in love with, and in the location you like and for a price you can easily afford!

But hold on now, let’s think about this a minute... simply finding the “one perfect green home you love” – is just the first step.

Now let’s not forget the common pitfalls with securing an EEM Approved Mortgage Lender, making the offer, home inspections, negotiating, getting an acceptance and signing the deal. You may have to go through many months of searching and negotiating before you can finally move into that longed for “dream home” which will fill yours and your families’ needs.

In fact based on my past 7 years in the Real Estate Business I’d estimate low percentage of home buyers actually get a “fair deal or the best deal” possible. I feel very few are able to avoid the many pitfalls and risks that are just waiting there to get you! These pitfalls can cause you to pay more than you want, or leave you open to unwanted and unexpected expenses which can occur at any time and can show up even after you close the deal!

Whether You Are An Experienced Home Buyer Or Not –
You Need To Know The Shocking Lies Some Real Estate Agents Will Never Admit

You need to be especially concerned if you have decided to buy a green home by going it all alone. Why?

Because it only makes common sense that crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is not a good strategy for buying any home, especially a “green home”. Purchasing a green home or homes made with more all natural or green materials can be challenging to purchase without “losing your shirt” - even for the most experienced home buyer!

Even veteran home buyers (who have purchased and sold dozens of conventional homes) easily and unknowingly fall victim and make serious mistakes when it comes to the purchase of a new or pre-owned green home.

Let me be frank with you.

Many times I’ve worked with unprepared home buyers who can quickly get in over their heads. It all starts when they are dealing with private home sellers, unscrupulous real estate agents and unethical mortgage lenders who are more concerned with making a quota and who could care less if you get a “good deal or not”. Many of these home buying professionals laugh to themselves when they take you for more money than they know you should have paid!

Then let’s add to that the many problems encountered with unethical home inspectors who really don’t know how to properly inspect a green home! They may charge you for a conventional home inspection which misses critical “green home inspection problem areas” that could cost you big money.

If they make mistakes you foot the bill for unnecessary repairs after the sale. A missed structural problem that can cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for fixing these unknown and under reported problems - especially when you don’t know what to look for!

If You’re Not Well Informed Enough To Know What To Look For –
You Could Easily Be Footing The HUGE REPAIR BILLS!

For after the deal is closed and signed you are generally “out of luck” as far as going after the previous home owner especially if the property was listed “sold as is” and you agreed to that when you signed the purchase agreement!

What’s worse is you may find these home sellers (especially when dealing with “for sale by owner properties”) may have their own agenda. They are not at all concerned about making sure “you get a good deal” or that “you know everything you need to know” to safeguard your substantial investment.

They just want to sell to you and for the highest price they can get.

In the end you, as a future green home owner, want to do all you can to be as knowledgeable as you can to ensure you do the right thing to protect yourself and your families’ investment, your living conditions, health and wellness.

This all leads me to the fact that there are many myths about buying or investing in green homes which can easily result in costly mistakes and little known common pitfalls which can and do occur when investing in a green home.

I’m here writing to you today to reveal how some Mortgage lenders, Real Estate Agents, Home Sellers, Contractors, and even Home Inspectors hide “dirty little secrets” from you! And I’m about to blow the lid off what they don’t want you to know and that’s what this letter to you is all about.

“Blowing The Lid Off!
(How To Save $$$$$ Tens of Thousands On Your Home Purchase!)

Hi, my name is Seth Asare, and I am a former REALTOR® with 7 years Experience in listing and selling homes.

My reason for writing to you is to help you understand what to look for when buying a green home, the advantages and the disadvantages and common pitfalls. You need to know how to decide whether it is best for you to buy a pre-owned home or build/buy a new green home. I want to do all I can to teach you how to safeguard your purchase.

If you decide to build you need to know what to look for in an ethical builder’s construction contract.

I’m going to help you understand what you must know to be a well-informed “green home buyer” so you can avoid common pitfalls that could cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money.

Let’s face the facts here. You already know that many of the home buying and selling professionals you work with will have a monetary stake in the outcome. Their goal may really not be focused on to advise you properly but to make themselves money – possibly at your expense.

Now you’re probably thinking... If that information does get out, they’ll probably deny it. But this just gets me all hot under the collar. I’m going to let you in on 7 insider secrets from properly viewing to buying, using smart negotiating tactics and even dealing with lenders to get the lowest possible rates on your EEF Mortgage.

I’ll give you everything you need to know from A to Z so you can quickly, easily and relatively safely – ultimately feel good about your home buying decisions.

So what I’ve decided to do is share my knowledge with you today. Here’s why you should know this...

Is Your REALTOR® A Green Home Expert?
(Find Out Now Before You Sign...)

The fact is you need to study all the new federal and state laws on green home buying, selling and building and stay up to date on the newest green building materials to become what I call a “green home expert”. And that takes a dedication most REALTOR® don’t have time for and won’t do.

What it all boils down to is you don’t know for sure if the REALTOR® you hire is a Green REALTOR® and how much he or she really knows about the green home buying, selling, building and mortgage markets it can cost you big money.

I believe green home buyers deserve the right to know how to properly look for, make an offer on, get a green home inspection and safely buy a green home without losing their shirt!

And that’s what I’d like to share with you right now.

7 Insider Buying And Selling Secrets Will Be Revealed!

I’ll show you exactly what you need to know to make smart home buying decisions:


  • Deciding The Specifications of your new or pre-owned green home
  • What determines your needs and wants for materials and the energy efficiency of your green home
  • What to include in the specifications if you have a building contractor build a new green home for you
  • Finding and working with an Approved Green REALTOR® and why you need one
  • How a Green REALTOR® can save you money and take much of the risk out of buying a green home
  • Why having your own Buyer’s Agent is critical to ensuring you get a good deal and avoid the pitfalls
  • A common mistake a home buyer makes by using multiple REALTORS® which can save them thousands of dollars
  • What services you can expect from your Green REALTOR®

Common Myths and Outright Lies That CAN Cost You BIG MONEY!


  • The common myths about green homes and green home buying you need to know
  • What makes a green home be labeled as “green” and what natural materials are they made from
  • Advantages of buying a green home over a conventional home
  • Cost savings for a green home and tax incentives you may qualify for
  • How to determine if a new or a pre-owned green home is the best home for you
  • For a green home to qualify for an Energy Efficient or EEM Mortgage (these characteristics are required)
  • Disadvantages of buying a new green home and common pitfalls to avoid
  • Tips for buying a home from a builder and what to watch out for – including the Sales Contract
  • What to look for when reviewing a – Builder’s Construction Contract

Learn The Right Way To View, Check, Make An Offer And Negotiate
So You Win The Deal At The Best (Lowest) Possible Price!


  • Things to check and know before viewing a green home for purchase
  • How to get ready (homework to do) and how to view a home
  • Tips on how to make an offer and deciding how much to offer
  • Important things to remember when making an offer that can make or break a deal
  • What you must know for negotiating and finalizing the deal
  • Smart negotiation methods to ensure a successful Win – Win Negotiation
  • Understanding appraisals, home inspections, audits and repairs
  • Home inspection basics and no matter how new or old the home an inspection is good insurance
  • Why you should never depend on your own personal inspection or inspectors hired by others
  • What a Green Home Inspector is and what you need to know about how a green inspection differs
  • Common sense tips for choosing a good home inspector

How To Prevent Costly Mistakes With Your EEF Mortgage
And Tips For Smart Negotiating Your Loan With A Lender!


  • Prevent costly mistakes every step of the way in your home buying decisions
  • Determining how much home you can afford: a simple method for calculating payments
  • Understanding your mortgage options and what lenders look for to give a loan approval
  • Tips for finding a Green Lender and why Green Mortgages are different from conventional mortgages
  • Securing a Green Mortgage or Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)
  • What the current Government Incentives Are and How You Can Apply for them
  • Finding and improving your credit score to improve your loan acceptance
  • Getting pre-qualified or pre-approved for a home loan and why this is critical to do in advance
  • Understanding loan fees, loan points and the costs of these fees and points
  • Why the lender does a “Good Faith Estimate” and what this means
  • Negotiating with the Lender and why understanding good negotiation tactics can lower your payments
  • What the Truth In Lending Statement means and why it is included in your loan documents
  • and much much more!

Now that you’ve seen all of this I know you are even more determined to find out all you can so you are not taken unawares by something you don’t know. You proudly want to own a green home and it shows when you take the time to read this informative ebook!

This Home Buying Guide Reveals Insider Secrets
Taking Your Buying & Financing Guesswork & Worry Away!

You know by now that learning what’s inside will confirm you are a smart homebuyer!

You already know that unlike conventional homes, a “green home” gives you tremendous benefits in terms of better health and living conditions using more natural materials, improved comfort.

You know taking an active role in green living by taking an interest in preserving our environment is important to you and you feel proud of living in an environmentally-conscious home.

You know that green living is here to stay so buying a green home is a smart investment choice too.

You want to also take advantage of any Federal Green Home Incentives or Solar Energy Savings Programs to be sure your home purchase can qualify for all the substantial tax savings due to you.

And what’s ever better, is all of these wonderful benefits you will happily continue to enjoy for as long as you own your new “green home”.

Right Now Conditions Are Perfect... For You To Buy!

Let’s sum this up now as I know your time is precious.

When you order today you will find as you are reading you’ll quickly become very knowledgeable on buying a home but especially a green home.

You will feel much more confident because you’ll have good knowledge about green homes, their construction, materials, what to look for and watch out for to avoid the common pitfalls many unaware buyers face.

Not only that but you will know the inside secrets to why green homes and green home buying and financing are different from conventional homes.

You’ll learn about site selection, choice of materials, construction and how green homes are appraised.

I believe that the “How To Buy A Green Home” guide has the potential to improve your ability to successfully negotiate a green home purchase with confidence and pride.

So I want you to have plenty of time to see the results for yourself as you use it to help you in your green home buying decision. I know that the long road to buying a home can be a long drawn out process.

With that thought in mind, I want you to get your copy of the guide today. Read every page.

Use it to help you with all the stages of your home buying decisions - you’ll be glad you did.

And if you don’t agree that this is the best home buying guide you’ve ever read and if you don’t agree it is worth every penny you paid, simply let me know by email to get a full refund.

There’s absolutely no risk to you... the upside of ordering the guide and reading it is you will be much more comfortable and confident in your home buying decisions. And that is worth a lot to you, isn’t it? 

Your Rock-Solid Money Back Guarantee

Get This Now. Then You’ll Know The Simplest Right Way To Find,
Buy & Secure An EEF Mortgage And Negotiate A Good Deal
With The Least Amount Of Headache, Effort & Cost!

If you are at all concerned about knowing exactly what to do in every step of the green home buying process then you know you need to get this now.

So let's get straight to the point so you’ll know what you’re going to get when you buy:

  • You’ll save time and effort since you will be a smart negotiator and won’t pay for services you don’t need.
  • You’ll learn about health issues (exposure to toxic chemicals, mold) that affect indoor air quality in a home.
  • You’ll be able to know and calculate how much you can reduce high energy bills.
  • You’ll prevent maintenance issues and as a result, higher maintenance costs on your home.
  • You’ll stop inefficient use of space at home causing clutter and discomfort.
  • You’ll reduce or prevent loss in real estate transactions, which could run into thousands of dollars.
  • You’ll know what improvements add and which ones don’t add to the value of a home.
  • You’ll prevent losses due to not doing the required maintenance or repairs in time.
  • You’ll feel much more confident as you swing a deal and sign on the line for your home purchase!

Remember, there’s been lots of people who have used my book and they knew what to look for during the entire home buying process.

And they were happy they could immediately download the guide. You can read it on your smart phone, tablet or any computer too.

I want to thank you for reading this letter.

And I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions with your purchase. And not only that but by reading this book home buyers were able to eliminate a lot of the guesswork, fear and worry about buying a green home.

Just imagine how much that is worth, to most people it is worth a considerable amount, even if that cost is not in money but in reducing your worry and anxiety about a home purchase! And I’m sure you’ll agree that’s true.

Even if you only avoid one problem or costly headache in your home purchase it will be worth the price.

Just feeling more confident about how to go about the whole home buying process can help you feel more at ease and in control when you are working with the home buying professionals you will need to deal with.

If you are a first time homebuyer and sick of wasting your hard-earned money on renting then this is for you.

If you are new to the real estate buying process then this is for you.

If you have little to no credit or bad credit I can help you with what you need to improve your credit scores!

If you are a move-up homeowner looking to buy his/her next home, but are caught in a catch 22 of selling the current house, and high energy bills and want to buy an energy efficient or green home then this is for you!

I Want To Become A Green Home Buying Expert
Just By Reading This!

Don’t put this off. You know you can save thousands with what you will learn when you read this informative guide and you will feel like in control of your home buying actions (rather than having some home buying professionals or a for sale by owner take advantage of you!)

The tiny investment in the “How To Buy A Green Home” guide is FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.  THE PRICE WILL GO UP VERY SOON.

You know in your heart this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s what you need to make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes on your next home purchase.

When you buy the guide you will be knowledgeable not only the conventional home buying process but also on green home buying too!

When you move into your new home and think about it you’ll know the tiny investment you made today was a good one.

And this will become true when you buy the guide because you will know it was worth every penny you paid by the time you get to page 10 and find out exactly how much home you can comfortably afford. And it just gets better and better from there on.

By page 15 you’ll know an easy way to quickly improve your credit score and this will help lower the interest and points you’ll pay on your mortgage!

Then, I’ll cover how to find a reputable Green REALTOR® what to watch for to ensure that he/she knows what they are talking about to ensure the advice you receive is in your best interests.

Next, I dive deep into the myths and common pitfalls to avoid that even experienced home buyers can make especially when purchasing a green home.

After that, I simplify why buying a Green Home can be a profitable investment and what to look for during critical home inspections and how to determine who pays for problems that need to be fixed before the deal closes.

You’ll love how I cover what you need to know about getting a certified Green Home Inspector and how to check the credentials.

And I reveal common misconceptions about green home appraisals, inspections, audits and repairs and home warranties so you are not left holding the bag!

I will help you become a savvy and smart negotiator so you can win the offer and loan/mortgage negotiations!

I Want To Become A Smart Negotiator Too!

Soon your friends will want to know how you know so much!

They will admire how you landed such a sweet deal on your home purchase for much less than they thought you would!

That all by itself will make you feel proud of yourself and your new home buying skills and you’ll sleep much better at night when you know you paid less than you thought!

So let me tell you what the deal is. Click on the orange Buy Button to order RIGHT NOW. You can use your credit card – it’s fast, safe and 100% secure. It’s 10X’s as secure than using a credit card at any store!

This is a bargain of a lifetime for anyone who wants to know all about the 7 Insider Secrets To Buying A Home, like you want to do. What’s more just follow my simple guide and you will save thousands if not tens of thousands on your next home purchase. I guarantee you’ll love it or I’ll buy it back.

You have no risk at all. Don’t let this chance slip by. Order your copy of the guide right now.

I understand I will get instant access to this guide in under two minutes if I act right now. 

Yes, I Want To Know All I Can To Be A Smart Home Buyer!

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