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Try our membership site for 7 Days for only .50 cents.  Take 7 days to check out the Members Area and the materials.  If you change your mind simply cancel your membership.  However, if you decide to keep your membership do nothing and your card will be charged on the 8th day.  Also, you have a thirty day money back guarantee after the 8th day; if you decide this isn’t for you, simply email me on the 30th day and I will refund 100% of your first full month’s membership fee and you still keep the Bonus eBook.

Seth Asare, Real Estate Development Major, REALTOR®

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Be an Educated Home Owner or Homebuyer and Protect Your Health, While You Save Money

What you don't know can hurt you.  Gain knowledge of the toxicity of building materials as well as toxicity of household products: 1) Overview of Building Material Toxicity, 2) Sources of Hazardous Building Materials, 3) Minimizing Exposure to Toxic Building Materials, 4) Potential and Available Alternative Building Materials, and much more.

Turn Your Existing Home Into a Healthier Green Home

Discover how to improve your existing home into a healthier green home while leveraging the power of our membership site to receive deep discounts from high quality, reputable remodelers.

Avoid Wasting Time and Money While Reducing The Home Selling and Buying Related Stress

Take advantage of our Green/Conventional REALTOR® Referral program to sell and/or buy your next home and avoid wasting time and money while reducing the home selling and buying related stress. Note: all Agents are not the same. You need a great REALTOR®.

Be a Part of a Movement To Strengthen Your Consumer/Buying Power

Leverage the power and value of the helpful tips and feedback from like-minded members like yourself in our forum/group.  Collaborating, sharing, and receiving ideas, tips, and insights to help each other live healthy and comfortable in the healthiest green homes possible, while saving money on energy, water, and home maintenance costs. Living a healthy and sustainable life and demanding the best.  Be a part of something special: Join the movement!

Own The Healthiest Green Home Possible in The Near Future

Be one of the first to own the healthiest, comfortable, modern design, non-toxic, third party certified (i.e., LEED for Homes, The Living Building Challenge, etc.), energy efficient, high quality/platinum green homes.

"Disease prevention requires understanding how environmental factors contribute to its development. Asthma develops through a variety of complex mechanisms. Many factors influence the development of asthma including dose, duration, physiochemical characteristics of a chemical (such as molecular structure or particle size), and genetic and other factors pertaining to the individual. Once asthma develops, hypersensitivity to many agents may develop."

The Healthy Building Network (HBN)

"In most cases, we don’t know what causes asthma, and we don’t know how to cure it. We know that if someone in your family has asthma you are more likely to have it."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)